Have you hugged your avatar today?

Lennox and Betony

Betony with Lennox, her very huggable husband.

Okay, so I was just looking for a page title and sort of barfed that one out. 

Although avatar hugging is not that hard, given you can just type “hugs” or “big hugs” or the ever popular “huggles” into chat and be done with it.  And of course, the more repeated final letters you use, the greater the impacttttttt.  I confess to using all these–except the huggles one.  By the way, does anybody share my pet peeveeeeee for repeating a final silent “e,” thereby totally changing the pronunciation?  Like, “Loveeeeeee!!!”  Sorry, that’s what Thurston Howell the Third called his wonderfully ditzy wife.  Oh well, maybe that’s what it’s meant to say.  I mean, it is impossible to navigate through the online chat/forum/tweet world without misreading someone’s meaning, or heaven forbid, writing something that’s taken wrong. 

Okay, actually nothing particularly original (or even vaguely so) has shown up yet, but at least I’ve gotten enough down to have my “Draft saved at 11:51:38 am.” 

By the way, that’s Lennox and me, standing in front of the Imagine Peace Tower – Second Life, sponsored and dedicated by Yoko Ono on October 9, 2009.  That was one of the best-executed events I’ve ever attended in Second Life.  More later on that, maybe.

So anyway,

Hugggglleeeeeezzzzzzz!  (rhymes with “snugglies”)



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